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Kanom Jeen is one of the most famous dishes in the Central Thailand. This is a must-try food when tourists travel to Thailand.
Top 3 French Foods

From the basic to the more interesting traditional foods of France, there is something here for everyone. And what better way to explore French culture than creating your own French specialties?

Tom Yum Goong – the quintessential Thai dish. The spicy & sour shrimp soup that exemplifies the essence of Thai cuisine – fresh, tantalizing and robust.
Döner Kebab in Turkey

The Turkish kebab – döner kebab – is part of their everyday cuisine. Döner kebab is filets of meat stacked on a vertical spit and roasted at a vertical grill.
Neapolitan Pizza in Italy

Neapolitan pizza is made from simple and fresh ingredients: a basic dough, raw tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and olive oil–no fancy toppings here.
German Wurst

Wurst is a German specialty and a big part of German cuisine. Worldwide, Germany offers the largest selection of wurst.

Sushi is a typical Japanese food with over a thousand years of history and tradition. It has become perhaps the most visible example of Japanese cuisine in other countries
Banh Cuon

“Banh Cuon” looks like a soft spring roll, filled with a mixture of pork, onions, wood ear mushrooms, and fish sauce..It tastes delicious and the ingredients are actually common foods.
Unusual foods from Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam may be a barren land but it has given the country many delectable food items. Among them are fermented fish intestine and fermented squid.
40 years of a Vietnamese fast-food brand

Located on a busy corner of District 1’s pretty Ham Nghi neighborhood, Nhu Lan Bakery has been famous for its fresh, flavorful bread since it opened in 1972.