Enjoying Breakfast at Mandarin Oriental


If you want to try something fun and unforgettable on your holiday, let’s have breakfast at Mandarin Oriental. It’s sure that you won’t be disappointed with it.

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Of course if you happen to stay at the Mandarin Oriental, this would just be breakfast as usual – you might even wonder what the fuss is all about. But those of us who are not blessed with such luxurious holiday plans cannot otherwise enjoy some of the greatest features that has made this venerable hotel an international landmark.

Breakfast at Mandarin Oriental ( via Mandarinoriental.com)

Special Experience

So what can make ‘just a breakfast’ so unique? Mandarin Oriental is a not just a hotel, it’s a Bangkok icon, recognised for many years as one of the best hotels in the world… just that should be enough to convince you. And it’s not only about how pretty the hotel is, and it is, or how good the food tastes and looks, but Mandarin Oriental is also famous for its outstanding service. Getting a job in this hotel even as a bell boy (or should we say ‘especially’ as a bell boy), must require some serious references. If you happen to be a guest, don’t be surprised to hear the bell boy call you by your name and press your floor button on your first day at the hotel… it never fails to impress, especially if you are the type of person who can’t even remember long-time colleagues’ names!

So on this special morning, just rock up as a celebrity and act like you’ve been here many times before, except that your pink taxi might give you away while parking between a Ferrari and a Bentley. Never mind, staff are always nice and treat everyone as important no matter what you wear or drive. Walk through the lobby towards the ‘Verandah Restaurant‘ on the riverside. A large wooden terrace welcomes you in the shade of oversized umbrellas, offering a unique panorama of the Chao Phraya river. From the moment you sit down, the water activity never fails to fascinate… barges, water buses, hotel shuttles criss crossing the canal in an endless ballet. it’s always a wonder how they manage to avoid each other… most of the time.


Breakfast at Mandarin Oriental ( via mandarinoriental.com)

What to eat

Of course breakfast is still mainly about food, so pick from the menu and don’t miss the perfect egg cocotte or the famous egg benedictine Since cooking shows have become so popular on TV, you might already know how challenging cooking a perfect egg benedictine is. Before that, I believed that cooking any kind of eggs was more or less the same… So select a set breakfast or pick the bits you like; breakfast never tasted better. The Continental Breakfast includes all the classics: fruit juice, fresh fruits, cereal, croissants and the likes, and coffee. The Oriental Breakfast at 1,200 baht ++ is the same but also includes eggs. You can even try a Japanese breakfast :fruits, salmon escalope, eggs, miso soup, rice, natto and daikon served with green tea.

At the end of the meal, the bill is rather steep. More than 2,000 baht for two is probably the most expensive breakfast we’ve had in a while, but if you think about it, it’s not that expensive for a full meal in such a unique place, sitting by the Chao Phraya river and taking the time to enjoy each moment, just as if this was your everyday life… and don’t miss that chance to walk inside the famous ‘Author Lounge‘ in the hotel garden!

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